New Intel Chips Could Change How You Use Your Laptop Forever

Ultrabooks are some of the coolest new tech devices on the market. They’re light, they’re portable, but they’re also really, really fast. Most are smaller and weigh less than your average college textbook, yet still boast remarkable processing speed.

For that reason they’re becoming a popular device amongst the on-the-go, Young Urban Professional crowd. But get this: the emergence of a new type of processor could actually make them even better.

Intel is currently working on a new chip known as “Haswell”. Haswell chips are scheduled to hit the computer market next year, and when they do they could have a huge impact on ultrabooks. Heck, they could totally change how you think about using a laptop computer.

How so?

First of all, they should double the battery life of most ultrabook models. Right now ultrabook users can expect to go about six hours or so before needing to plug into a wall outlet. However, Intel says that with a new Haswell chip under the hood, an ultrabook could actually go between ten and even twenty hours before powering down.

This is because Haswell chips will use a lot less power: 10 watts versus about 17 or more.

Intel also says that ultrabooks running on Haswell chips will perform better, meaning web pages will appear faster, files will load quicker, and video games will play more smoothly.

The introduction of Haswell processors will also bring a number of other new technologies to ultrabooks, including voice recognition software (allowing users to close programs or shut down their computer with a voice command) and gesture-based tracking hardware (same idea, but replace shouts with hand motions).

Intel says Haswell chips will be set to hit the market sometime next year.

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