GoDaddy Says Anonymous Was Not Behind Site Outages

Updating a story we reported on yesterday, GoDaddy has announced that the outage it experienced yesterday afternoon, in which millions of websites went down, was not caused by hackers.

As GoDaddy sites went down around the globe yesterday afternoon, a number of Twitter accounts claiming to be affiliated with the hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the outages. As the story developed, some of the Anonymous accounts backed off the claims and one specific member of the collective, going by the Twitter handle @AnonymousOwn3r, emerged as the likely perpetrator of the attack. He or she was more than happy to take all the credit, at least.

However, representatives for GoDaddy now say that isn’t the case. The company insists that the outage was due to “internal network events” and that “external influences” did not play a role. The company did not explain exactly what happened, however.

It always seemed unlikely that a single individual, no matter how skilled at hacking, could take down so much of GoDaddy’s network. As always, every tidbit of information that emerges from a source associated with Anonymous should be treated as highly suspect.

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