Dumb Teen Shoots Himself In The Penis, Claims He Didn’t

It should go without saying that accidentally shooting yourself is never a good idea. It cost NFL receiver Plaxico Burress a good portion of his career and landed him in jail. It almost cost Lil Wayne his life (though it did provide him with some good material to rap about).

Yes, it’s really embarrassing to shoot yourself. And painful. But, if you do it, you should just be honest about it.

That’s not what Michael Smeriglio, an 18-year-old from Florida, did. Smeriglio was at home, cleaning his gun and he accidentally shot himself.

In the penis.

Technically, the bullet went through his penis and left testicle before burrowing deep into his thigh. Ouch.

Embarrassed by being such a complete idiot, Smeriglio told police that someone shot him while he was walking outside, minding his own business. Only after his story was questioned did Smeriglio admit that he was the one responsible for the blood gushing from his junk.

While investigating the incident, police found marijuana in Smeriglio’s house. They arrested the owner of the home, Joseph Lamar James, 22, on drug charges.

What a couple of geniuses.

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  1. So THAT’S what they mean by second amendment remedies.