This Is Why You Don’t Get Close To A Bison In Yellowstone (VIDEO)

“He’s friendly,” says the guy holding the camera in this video. He was wrong.

Moments later, several people, including some young children, were nearly killed by an angry, charging bison. The whole thing was captured on video:

The incident took place at Yellowstone National Park. Some tourists decided that it would be a good idea to approach a giant, wild bison. How could it possibly be a bad idea for a large group of people to aggressively walk towards a dangerous animal?

Unsurprisingly, the bison charged at the crowd. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The kid in the white shirt, Justin, probably got the scare of his life, though.

These people ignored the signs that the bison was showing. It was clearly agitated, but it appears likely that none of the people in this video (except, perhaps, the guy in the black shirt who ran away before anything serious happened) were aware of how to tell if a bison is angry.

It’s probably safe to say that all of these people will exercise more caution the next time they approach a wild animal.

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