Finally, A Condom You Can Open Up With Just One Hand (VIDEO)

Condoms technology hasn’t improved much over the past 5,000 years, but Benjamin Pawle, a designer based in London, thinks he has an idea that could revolutionize the way they work.

Well, it could save people some embarrassment, at least.

Pawle has designed a condom wrapper that can be opened with one hand, leaving the other hand available for, well, you can use your imagination here. With a snap of the fingers–literally–Pawle’s condom packaging opens up and produces a fresh prophylactic, ready for use. No more embarrassment as you have to use your teeth to try to free your condom from its impenetrable plastic prison.

Take a look:

The idea is still in the design stage, so don’t expect to be seeing one-handed condoms on store shelves anytime soon.

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