Madonna Shows Off Thong, Fake Obama Tattoo At Yankee Stadium (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Last night, while President Barack Obama addressed the DNC in Charlotte, Madonna became the first woman to headline a concert at Yankee Stadium. She played a 22-song set and did all her usual MDNA Tour stuff, like speaking her mind, deliberately working in a bunch of unnecessary profanities and flashing the audience.

At some concerts on this tour, Madonna’s been flashing one of her nipples (link NSFW) while performing her song “Human Nature.” At others, she’s been showing off her thong (link semi-NSFW). The whole thing feels pretty desperate–and really contrived–but Madonna looks good for a 54-year-old and I suppose she can show off her body on-stage if she wants. Usually, she has some kind of message emblazoned on her back when she does this. “NO FEAR” has been typical.

At her concert last night, New York City got the thong. Sort of. Madonna started to pull down her pants to show the audience her thongs, but then abruptly pulled them back up.

“Tonight I’m not going to show my ass,” she said “I’m going to show my feelings. How’s that for living dangerously?”

She then stripped off her white button-up shirt to reveal “OBAMA” written on her back in large, black letters:

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  1. She’s still got a kickin’ body but you can see the age in her face now. Kudos to her for keepin’ it real.