G4 To Be Rebranded

G4, a channel that was supposed to be for geeks but was routinely criticized for not really appealing to geeks (repeated Cops marathons aren’t exactly geeky, at least not in the traditional sense) will soon stop bothering to try to appeal to geeks in any way. Instead, it will focus on the kind of guy who uses the word “geek” in a derogatory way.

According to a report in Variety, NBCUniversal plans to completely rebrand G4. The main idea is to make it much less geek and much more GQ. That’s not to say that the GQ brand will actually be attached to the channel–it’s just the tone that those running the channel are going for. The new target audience will be the “modern male,” whatever that means.

Basically, you should expect far less coverage of video games and much more coverage of colognes, or whatever the hell is actually in GQ (doesn’t anyone actually read it?). Less coverage of comic books and more coverage of coffee table books or bespoke suits or… something.

G4 has always held a bit of a weird position in the world of geekdom. It was the only place on television to reliably find coverage of topics like video games and new gadgets that wasn’t dumbed down for the moms and dads of the world, but it was also the channel that killed (merged with, technically) TechTV, a channel considered by many to have been a better source for coverage of those topics.

Expect the new version of G4–name still to be unveiled–to hit the airwaves in early 2013.

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