New “This Is SportsCenter” Commercial Features John Clayton With A Ponytail (VIDEO)

Well, well, well. ESPN, the sports network we all love to hate, actually showed some humility. The “Worldwide Leader” actually poked fun at itself.

The newest commercial in the “This Is SportsCenter” series features John Clayton, a man surrounded by myths and legends… on the Internet, at least. To ESPN viewers, Clayton is, almost literally, nothing but a talking head. His face shows up on-screen and words come out of his mouth; they are usually related to sports. As a YouTube commenter put it, “He has legs?!?!”

The fact that Clayton only ever appears on television in a straight-on shot led the folks over at Deadspin to ponder, somewhat cheekily, what he was hiding on the back of his head. Some speculated that the balding Clayton actually had a long ponytail. The photographic evidence even seemed to (sort of) support this theory.

Aware of the rumors, ESPN decided to have some fun with them. In the newest SportsCenter commercial, Clayton sports a (fake) ponytail and is revealed to be a metal-loving guy who still lives with his mom. It’s actually pretty funny.

Take a look:

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