No Rain On His Parade – Obama’s Speech At The DNC Moved Inside

The Democrats weren’t willing to risk that headlines and talking points that would have been front and center. Obama is all wet. It rains on the Democrats’ parade.

President Obama’s speech on Thursday night has been moved indoors. He’ll no longer take the stage at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. Instead, he’ll address the crowd at Time Warner Cable Arena, home of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Rain is the reason. It has been raining in Charlotte all week and it looks like there’s a good chance of rain tomorrow.

Obama wanted to give a rousing speech to a stadium full of supporters–he wanted that stunning visual to cap off the Democratic National Convention–but he will have to make do in a smaller setting. Perhaps he can just think of it as more intimate, rather than less impressive.

Thousands of Democrats who planned to attend the event in the outdoor stadium will now be out of luck, but they must realize that the television visual–specifically, not getting poured on–is far more important to the Obama campaign than one night of seeing the president in person.

In 2008, Obama spoke to a stadium full of supporters in Denver, so it’s not like still has to prove that he has the ability to captivate a crowd of 50,000-plus.

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  1. Too bad. A speech in the rain would have sealed the deal. That would have been epic.