‘Madden 13’ Squib Kick Glitch Frustrates Gamers

The new version of EA’s Madden series, Madden 13, has received generally positive reviews and it’s even been hailed by some as a major step forward for the series. It features nifty new tackle animations (which sometimes go a bit overboard) and some cool new career features.

There’s a major glitch in the gameplay, however, that has made the game very frustrating to play online. Many online Madden players, a group already known to have a love for onside kicks and going for it on forth down, have discovered a way to recover their own kickoffs and dominate the game from a possession standpoint.

In Madden 13, there’s a glitch that makes squib kicks easily recoverable by the kicking team. If you execute a squib kick with the proper power and you have fast players on your kickoff coverage team, you can get to the ball before your opponent picks it up.

Here’s some video of the glitch in action:

Of course, this would never actually happen in real life. The players on the receiving team would run up to pick up the ball off the turf. In the game, however, they are sluggish and will sometimes even stop near the ball and not pick it up.

According to some reports, the best way to defend against an opponent who tried to exploit this glitch is to always call a return right or return left when receiving a kick. If you call return middle, your players are unlikely to get to the ball in time. Don’t put your players into an onside recovery formation, as this will make you even less likely to be successful at getting the ball.

EA will likely fix this bug in an upcoming patch. For now, though, playing the game online against an opponent who knows how to exploit this glitch can be very frustrating.

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10 Responses to ‘Madden 13’ Squib Kick Glitch Frustrates Gamers

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    I love it. As a former player who used to love when we’d run the loft kickoff… With an amazing kicker, you can just run to the spot and expect the ball to be there. But on a video game, I’d be pretty irritated…

  2. The loft kickoff?? I’m assuming you mean so you can hit the guy trying to catch the ball because it is illegal for you to catch and recover the ball if it has not his the ground yet. Now, on topic, crap like this is why I don’t play lobby scrubs. None of them play strait up. They are just corny using no huddle consistantly and going for it on 4th down. Finding glitches to us on defense. It ruins the experience…

    • Madden is full of glitches online. Once we had tournaments and these weak online glitch player watch with no game now the cheat and act like they are real players that’s. Just sad but that’s. The world EA has made with this weak online plat.

    • I hate glitching! I’m relatively new to madden online play (two years now) but not the game itself (playin since 99). can anyone help me find sim players to play?? I get so irritated when I get nano’d constantly and other bs exploit tactics.

      If you know wher I can find straight up games hit me up jimbo7671 at yahoo dot com.

  3. Quit crying about glitches this glitches that, if they’re glitching and you know how to use it do it back on them! Otherwise shut the f#%@ up cause its part of the game design/flaws. Play it straight or play it dirty you should know how to do both. Bunch of sore losers!!!! Wahwahwahwah

  4. @ korn only a person with poor skill and football knowledge says you must be one

  5. I love this glitch, all I have to say is if your defense is doing their job right or I should say as long as you don’t suck on defense he should only be able to do this play once and that is the initial kick to start the game or start second half depending on if she choose to kck or receive other than that step up your defense

  6. korn you are a jackass