Razer’s $2,500 “Blade” Gaming Laptop Just 6.6 Pounds, 0.88 Inches Thick

With kids headed back to the classroom, it’s only natural that parents should spend thousands of dollars on new clothes, school supplies, and tech devices.

If you’re one of the millions of students who will start the school year with a new laptop, you might as well hit up Mom and Dad for the new Razer Blade, arguably the most powerful and portable gaming laptop on the market today.

Many gamers will be familiar with the Razer name, though not for their work in building laptops. The company has become well-known for its mice, keyboards, and other PC peripherals specifically designed for the video game market.

Earlier this year Razer branched out into the hardware sector with the Blade. Compared to most other laptop computers on the market the device was essentially a weapon of mass destruction, featuring a 17.3-inch HD display, super-powerful Intel processor, and cutting-edge Nvidia video card.

Unfortunately, like many other gaming laptops, including those from rivals like Dell and Asus, the Blade was a tad overweight. That made it a hard sell for people trying to justify its $2,800 price tag.

But now Razer has re-designed the Blade. Not only has the firm upped the processing speed and video card, but it’s also reduced the device’s weight to just 6.6 pounds. That’s about half as hefty as most gaming laptops on the market right now.

The Blade is also just 0.88 inches thick.

Overall, it’s an exceptionally powerful PC that can actually be carried in a backpack without inflicting nerve damage.

If that wasn’t enough, Razer has also shaved $300 off the price.

Will that be enough to convince the ‘ol ‘rents to shell out $2,500 for a laptop? You tell us.

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