Petition For Betty White To Speak At The DNC Is Dumb

Can we all be done with Betty White yet? Not done with her forever–she still has a place on television because she can still be very funny if used correctly–but done with the stupid, ironic Betty White fandom that got tired many months ago?

Currently, there’s a petition to get Betty White to speak at this week’s Democratic National Convention. The Republicans had their own aging actor appear on-stage (that didn’t go so well, by the way), so the Democrats surely must follow suit, right?

The whole idea is dumb. Though White is an Obama supporter, she has nothing of value to offer to the current state of political discourse in the country. That’s not a knock on her, it’s just that we should all stop caring about the political leanings of celebrities. The 6,000 or so people who have signed the petition already don’t agree with this sentiment, though.

Fortunately, there’s no chance that this petition will be successful. Unlike two years ago, when a petition was successful in getting Saturday Night Live to bring in White as a host, the Democrats aren’t interested in using celebrity appearances to boost their ratings.

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4 Responses to Petition For Betty White To Speak At The DNC Is Dumb

  1. This is not bad idea. This woman appeals to all demographics – especially seniors. Who better to talk about the Romney/Paul plan to gut Medicare with a voucher system that will destroy the safety net for millions of senior citizens – than Betty White. If they use her smartly – unlike the way the Repubicans ridicously used Eastwood by having him talking to a chair, it will serve two purposes; reaching out to the senior base by exposing the threat Medicare will be under with the Republicans in the White House and also show this party the proper way to use a celebrity re-enforcing what a joke Eastwood was! Either way the Democrats cannot lose with her and this message.

  2. I agree that she probably would’t add much to the political debate. She might bring in viewers that wouldn’t otherwise watch but I’m not sure the DNC cares.

    I disagree that her resurgent fandom is “ironic”. She’s a genuine funny person with a sharp wit as well as having that weird “rapping grannie” appeal. I don’t think her recent celebrity is undeserved.

  3. I say… GO FOR IT!!!! :-)

  4. Why……???? Allot smarter than him……Keep voting for the rich who take jobs away….while they hide their money!