Romney’s Twitter Ad Is A Waste Of Money After Obama’s Reddit AMA

Mitt Romney will give his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination at the Republican National Convention tonight. At the same time, his campaign will attempt to make a splash online by purchasing a very pricey ad on Twitter.

No presidential campaign has ever purchased a Promoted Trend from Twitter before. Usually, big-budget Hollywood movies or national restaurant chains are the only entities that shell out that kind of dough. Typically, such an ad costs as much as $120,000.

Romney will be the first to do it, and it will be a waste of money for him.

The campaign for Barack Obama spent not a dollar and managed to capture the hearts of Internet users across the country yesterday when the president himself sat down to do a Reddit AMA. It was a brilliant move by a campaign team that has proven it knows a thing or two about utilizing new technology to reach young Americans. Blogs everywhere are still buzzing about it this morning.

Obama only spent about half an hour answering questions in his AMA–and he only answered only ten questions out of the thousands that were asked and he pretty much stuck to his normal formula–but the whole thing was a huge success (so much so that Reddit’s servers were unable to handle the influx of traffic).

Obama is on Reddit! He even inserted a meme into one of his answers (“not bad”). Like in 2008, Obama has once again asserted himself as the “cool” candidate. It may not be what wins the upcoming election, but you have to admit that it’s certainly…

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