4chan Hijacks Another Contest, Sending Taylor Swift To The Horace Mann School For The Deaf

Those wacky (and depraved) kids at 4chan are at it again. Just days after they tried to name a flavor of soda after Adolf Hitler, they have struck again. No online contest is safe.

This time, the legion of pranksters at 4chan (and the board one must never speak of–rules 1 and 2!) has hijacked a contest sponsored by Chegg and Papa John’s to decide where country star Taylor Swift will play a free concert.

The school that got the most votes? The Horace Mann School For The Deaf. Brilliant.

According to the official rules of the contest, any “accredited high school or college in the contiguous United States that is in the Chegg database” is eligible to win, so this concert might actually happen.

Unfortunately, the rules also say that the winning school needs to agree to participate. All the deaf students at Horace Mann might not take too kindly to getting roped in to this prank. Then again, they might have a good sense of humor and play along.

If you want to add your vote, go to http://www.taylorswiftoncampus.com/. You have to sign in through Facebook and “like” Taylor Swift, which sucks. You also have the option of liking the sponsors, which adds more votes. At this point, though, Swift already has so many votes that it’s almost a foregone conclusion that she’ll be playing her songs to a crowd that can’t hear them.

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15 Responses to 4chan Hijacks Another Contest, Sending Taylor Swift To The Horace Mann School For The Deaf

  1. Just shut the hell up you are the one mocking these deaf kids. Why should they not get to see Taylor Swift? Not all of them are completely deaf, most can hear a bit, and the others can still feel the drums and have fun.

  2. How dare you play this off as some sort of joke or game?! These poor deaf kids deserve a visit from the world’s greatest female musician. For shame.

  3. Delete this disgusting article, how dare you people mentioning hitler and making anologies to him with people who wanting deaf kids to get pleasure out of music aswell.


  4. David Elliot says:

    I don’t believe this. These kids deserve the concert, and the $10,000 to go to their music department.

    Just look at what Beethoven did and call this a “prank” ONE MORE TIME, MISTER.


  5. Are you stupid?? Let the god damn deaf kids hear some music too. Imagine a whole life without music. Let them have this concert and enjoy it for once!!

  6. Guantanmobay says:

    This is appalling, how dare you deprive these wonderful kids a chance to experience Taylor Swift live. Are they not worthy of participating in the same activities as any other school?

    Shame on you.

  7. Dafuq?

  8. Haha, implying they hacked. They just participated and this piece of shit website calls it hacking.

  9. Dude. Leave that school alone, let them have their concert.

    Also you spelled “Adolf Hitler” wrong.

  10. My my, the author must’ve been drunk. There’s no other explanation why one would write such nonsensical garbage . Removing this would surely make up for the blunder.

  11. Andrew Lewman says:

    Terrible article. Like deaf kids are somehow subhuman and not allowed to experience life? I am so disappointed in the author of this article that I cannot put this into words.

  12. Wow, I’m really disappointed in the intelligence and quality of the comments in this thread. Apparently Manolith is read by a bunch of ignoramuses who not only don’t get the joke (4Chan was behind it… they made it a joke, not this author), but obviously didn’t even really read the article. No one was comparing deaf people to Hitler. Geeze. It’s almost enough to make me stop reading this site just so I’m not associated with the stupidity of the other audience members.

  13. This is Epic!