Players Are Tripping All Over The Place In ‘Madden 13’ (VIDEO)

The newest version of EA Sports’ Madden series, Madden 13 (they still do that stupid thing where they name the game one year ahead of reality), features a highly-touted new physics engine. EA says that it will lead to more realistic tackling (and broken tackles) in the game and eliminate the “magnetic” quality that players seemed to have in recent versions of the game.

Unfortunately, it seems like the new physics engine still needs some tweaks. Based on early reports from gamers who bought the game when it came out yesterday, players are flopping around like rag dolls.

This is especially humorous because it often happens on the play. A quarterback like Tom Brady might avoid the sack and then complete a pass for a first down, only to trip over his own teammate on the way back to the huddle. Take a look at this:

When the play involves multiple tacklers bringing down the ball carrier, it’s ridiculous to watch all the players try to get up. Quite literally, they be trippin’.

It’s likely that EA will include some kind of a fix for the tripping players (at least the ones tripping after the play) in a future patch for the game. For now, gamers will get the added bonus of some comic relief after many plays.

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