Justice League Movie Will Be The First Time We See The New Batman

Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale are done making Batman movies, but the character will live on in the world of film. Part of what makes Batman so great is seeing the new takes on the character that emerge every decade or so, from the campy Batman of the 1960s TV series to the gothic Batman of Tim Burton movies to the cartoonish Batman of the Joel Schumacher movies. Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t so great. Regardless, the character will soon be reborn again and that’s pretty exciting.

Many fans assumed that it would be only a few years before we see a new Batman movie from a new director and starring a new actor. It was presumed that Batman would need to be rebooted before the long-awaited Justice League movie could become a reality.

It now looks like things will happen in the opposite order. According to Batman-On-Film, the Justice League movie is going to come out before the next Batman movie. This means that the first time we see the new Bruce Wayne on the big screen will be in that movie and then we’d get a better look at him in a Batman-specific movie soon afterwards.

This is probably for the best, if you think about it. We certainly don’t need to see yet another Batman origin story on film, so we can take care of introducing the character at an advanced pace in the Justice League movie. Then, the character can explore new territory in the next Batman movie.

The potential issue with all of this is that it puts too much power over the new Batman into the hands of the Justice League director. He (or she) will be focusing on crafting an ensemble movie that works and perhaps not taking care to set the new Batman in the right direction. After the huge success of the Nolan films, which all had a very unique aesthetic, it’s not a slam dunk that the next version of Batman will be a home run (wow, I just mixed some serious sports metaphors there… in an article about a comic book character).

Right now, it looks like the Justice League movie will hit theaters in 2013. The next big DC movie will be next year’s Man of Steel, which will introduce the new Superman and likely set up some other characters for the big Justice League movie storyline. We’d then see a new Batman flick in 2015.

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