Barack Obama Is Doing An AMA On Reddit Right Now!

President Barack Obama is currently doing an AMA (ask me anything) over at Reddit. Seriously. You can see it right here.

The moderators of r/IAmA have confirmed that it is the real Barack Obama (or, at least, a social media intern who will be relaying the questions to him and posting his answers). [Update: Obama’s official Twitter account has also confirmed that it’s legitimate.] He’ll be answering the most upvoted questions starting at about 4:30 ET. So, in other words, he’ll be answering the question of why he hasn’t legalized marijuana yet.

As if Reddit wasn’t already high profile enough, this will take the site over the top and cement its place as one of the most influential websites in the world. Some pretty famous people have done AMAs before (Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ken Jennings, Bear Grylls, Zach Braff), but nobody whose influence is even close to, oh, you know, just the most powerful person on the planet.

Reddit’s servers are notorious for going down under heavy traffic and it already appears that they are struggling to handle the load.

Update: Here’s the verification photo he posted! It looks like it really will be him typing out his answers to the questions.

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