Man Tries To Create Bigfoot Sighting, Gets Run Over And Dies

A Montana man who was trying to create a Bigfoot sighting was run over by two cars and died.

Randy Lee Tenley, 44, covered himself in something called a Ghillie suit, which is basically just a bunch of green material that’s supposed to resemble grass and shrubs (most commonly used by the military and hunters). He then walked out onto the highway. Authorities said that he would have been very difficult to see.

Tenley was first hit by a vehicle driven by a 15-year-old girl. Then, he was hit again by a car driven by a 17-year-old girl. He died from his injuries.

Authorities said that neither driver could have stopped in time to avoid hitting Tenley. They will not be charged with any crimes.

Apparently, Tenley was trying to make people think they had seen Bigfoot. Why he wanted to do this is unclear. Also, why he was dressed up as a walking bush and not wearing, you know, a freaking sasquatch costume is a mystery. Obviously, he wasn’t exactly thinking clearly.

Toxicology results are pending.

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