Donald Trump Slams Arianna Huffington On Twitter

Donald Trump isn’t exactly known as the classiest man in America, but he’s stopped to a level that might be a new low, even for him.

On Twitter this morning, Trump attacked media mogul Arianna Huffington (of Huffington Post fame). He called her “unattractive inside and out” and, if that wasn’t bad enough, he said that he understands “why her former husband left her for a man.”

The tweet can be seen here, but, in case Trump decides to delete it, we have a screencap below:

It’s still unclear why Trump decided to attack Huffington. It’s likely because of a story that was reported on her website. In a subsequent post on Twitter, Trump attempted to clarify, saying “if you knew her and the phony Huffington Post, you would understand.” He promised more details would follow.

Huffington has yet to respond.

This isn’t the first time Trump has viscously attacked a prominent female media personality with his words. In 2006, he published an open letter to Martha Stewart in which he blamed her for the failure of her spin-off television show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. He later called her a “moron.”

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One Response to Donald Trump Slams Arianna Huffington On Twitter

  1. The problem is NOT Tramp. The Problem is the papers, media, mags. that print or
    report what this Buffoon says. Like the “Streakers” in 60s & 70s, pro sports figured
    out that, if we don”t give them an audience, they stop the stupidity. Anywhere I hear,
    see, smell Tramp the Buffoon I change the channel, don’t buy the Mag., don’t listen
    to the report. I’m gone. NO MORE TRAMP the Buffoon.