NFL Pre-Season Ratings Show How Starved Football Fans Are

Pre-season football is boring. Coaches don’t gameplan against their opponents, they try weird stuff that usually doesn’t work and the starting players hit the showers early (sometimes really early–as in the first quarter). Yet, somehow, it seems that fans can’t get enough of it.

The NFL’s immense popularity is rarely as evident as it is when looking at pre-season television ratings. Last night’s game between the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers was brutal. It featured inept play (the Jets still haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in three pre-season games) and little drama. At one point, Tim Tebow literally threw an interception into a group of four defenders:

Still, the game was the highest-rated show on television. It scored a 7.5 overnight rating, the second-best television rating for a pre-season game since 2004. Over 8 million people subjected themselves to it (and probably enjoyed it). That’s how starved America is for NFL action.

There are only 10 more days until the real season starts. Just keep breathing, people.

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