It’s Cut Day In The NFL, As Teams Have To Get Down To 75 Players

Every team in the NFL has to cut its roster from a maximum of 90 players to 75 players by 4 pm EDT this afternoon. It’s not an enjoyable day for NFL players–not for the guys who are being relieved of their duties, obviously, but not for the teammates and coaches who have to say goodbye to the guys they have worked alongside for months (and sometimes years), either. It’s the reality of life in the world of the NFL, though.

For everyone in the NFL other than true superstars, The Turk (the guy who informs players of their release) always looms large.

No team is down to 75 players yet, but some got an early start with their cuts. Often, teams will release veteran players a bit early, in order to give them the best chance of catching on with another team.

The best place to track all the cuts as they happen is over at ProFootballTalk’s 75-man roster tracker.

Notable cuts that have been made so far include wide receiver Terrell Owens, released by the Seahawks and kicker Billy Cundiff, released by the Ravens.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see any shocking roster moves today, as this isn’t the final cut day for NFL teams. There’s still one pre-season game left, so rosters will remain inflated for another week or so. Before opening day, however, teams will need to trim down to the 53 players who will make the final roster.

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