Look (And Laugh) At Celine Dion Trying To Look Young And Sexy (PHOTOS)

Um… These new photos of Celine Dion posing topless and in a series of weird, almost childish outfits are… interesting.

The 44 year-old Canadian singer posed for a series of photos that will appear in V Magazine’s upcoming travel issue. What an over-the-hill pop star sticking her flat butt out in black and white photos has to do with travel is up to you to decide, I suppose. Maybe some people would want to travel away from such a thing.

This has the feel of a last grasp at fame from Dion. Or maybe just a midlife crisis. Regardless, the photos are pretty cringe-worthy. She doesn’t necessarily look that bad (well, excluding the one in which she’s wearing a hat that would look childish on a tween), but it’s very difficult to say that she looks good in any of these shots, either.

Take a look for yourself:

Apparently a photoshoot with one aging female star wasn’t enough for V Magazine, as Nicole Kidman graces the cover. She actually looks kind of good in her photo, though it looks like she got a lot of help from the airbrushers:

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2 Responses to Look (And Laugh) At Celine Dion Trying To Look Young And Sexy (PHOTOS)

  1. I would do her….she is still hot.

  2. Nicole kidmans looks “kind of good”???? any 20 years old having her ass will be proud like if they were king of the galaxy!!

    BTW david, what kind of girl did you layed recently? hmm?

    At nicole kidmans age and having given birth to kids and all, having an ass like that is a miracle and golden! Even a teen will die to have that kind of ass, and over the 30, they will just cry to cant have it no more.
    Sorry dude but you wil have to look at athletes, young, or call girl doping a lot of dancing, and professional dancer to get an ass close to that one!!

    As for Celine dion, she had kid but alos she never exercise, menaing she dont do the cult of the body stuff you do where oyu live.
    I found many of the pics good, and in fact its the meaning of those black and white pic to look that way. BTW thats better thna the pics who are påhotoshoped.. better have a brushed har than a brushed pic to hidde your real you, see what i mean?

    All cover pics of mode mags even super young super models are total photoshoped to death, but the one of celine werent. Must be why you are desapointed cause you are used to see the papier glæacé of the fake photos too much..

    Thats how a real woman looks like and if you dont like it take pics of you naked in the mirror and watch them.