Are Even More Nude Prince Harry Vegas Pictures Out There?

Great Britain, and the royal family in particular, is still reeling from the nude photos of Prince Harry that emerged a few days ago, but things could get a lot worse in the near future.

The two photos that are out there show a completely nude Harry, but his private parts are covered up (for the most part). Now, there are rumors that there are more scandalous photos out there–and that we might see them in the near future.

Allegedly, about two dozen people were in the hotel room to witness Harry playing strip pool. Many of them are said to have taken photos and some of those photos almost certainly show a lot more of Harry than he wants us to see (and more than many of us want to see, for that matter).

A prominent British publicist named Max Clifford says that he’s already been approached by two American women who claim to have been present for the game of strip pool and who claim to have more pictures of the whole thing–pictures that they want to sell. He says that he turned down the chance to buy the photos.

“I couldn’t justify this,” Clifford said. “It’s an infringement of his privacy. That’s why I said no.”

The royals are likely involved at this point. They may be trying to purchase the pictures, in order to make sure that they never see the light of day. Or, perhaps they are investigating the option of taking legal action against everyone who took photos that night. If other photos of a nude Harry truly do exist, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t leak at some point.

The British press has largely chosen not to publish the two photos that are already out there, but The Sun tabloid (owned by Rupert Mudoch) just broke down and put them in the paper (with the headline “HEIR IT IS”).

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