Karen Klein, The Bullied Bus Monitor, Is Starting Her Own Anti-Bullying Foundation

Remember Karen Klein, the bus monitor who was ruthlessly bullied by the kids on the bus (and the whole thing was caught on video)? You’re forgiven if you don’t–it happened a few months ago and the Internet news cycle has a way of leaving stories behind forever.

This story is back, though, and it has a happy ending. The Internet felt so bad for Klein after watching the video that over $700,000 was raised for her. The 68 year-old has now retired and she isn’t sitting back and spending all that money on luxuries. Instead, she is putting some of it to very good use–she has started an anti-bullying foundation.

It’s called the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation. “This is for education, for people who have been bullied,” Klein said in an interview.

Klein’s daughter, Amanda, will serve as the administrator for the foundation. She said that Klein is pocketing about $650,000 of the money donated to her and will be giving $100,000 to the new organization.

In October, Klein and others will embark on an anti-bullying tour.

By the way, ever wonder what happened to the four students who bullied Klein in the video? They were suspended for an entire year and are being forced to complete 50 hours of community service.

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