Season 9 Of ‘The Office’ Will Be The Last Season of ‘The Office’

They really should have ended the show when Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left. It has been awful ever since.

At least, it seems, the people running the show (literally) at The Office have realized that it’s time to kill it off. They are going to prolong the death, however.

The upcoming season of The Office, airing starting this fall on NBC, will be the last for the show. Greg Daniels, the show’s creator, has confirmed as much in an interview with “This will be the last season,” he stated, unequivocally.

Daniels became less involved in the show in recent seasons, and the quality of the show clearly suffered. He’s back in charge now and determined to create one final, great season.

Will that be possible the cast now a shell of what it used to be? Carell is still gone, though it’s possible he would return for the final episode. The character of Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) will still be in charge of the office this season–something that has been the case for a while now and hasn’t exactly led to the greatest episodes. Kelly Kapour is leaving (Mindy Kaling got her own show on FOX), but the rest of the cast is staying put. They will be augmented by newcomers Clark Duke and Jake Lacy.

Will this be enough to lure audiences back? The Office was once considered by many to be the best comedy on television, but it barely registers a blip on the radar these days.

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