Report: Michael Strahan Is The New Co-Host Of ‘Live With Kelly’

Get ready for one of the fiercest, quarterback-terrorizingest defensive ends in football history to sit on a stool next to Kelly Ripa every morning and provide light entertainment while you go about your morning routine. According to reports, Michael Strahan is set to be announced as the new co-host of Live! With Kelly (which will, presumably, be re-named Live! With Kelly and Michael).

The show has been without a co-host since Regis Philbin retired last year. Since he left, 59 different co-hosts have guested on the program. Stahan was comfortable in the role, but he wasn’t really considered the front-runner for the job. Recently, the prevailing rumor was the Seth Meyers would leave SNL and join Ripa.

Stahan, of course, retired from the NFL after he led the New York Giants to a win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII (not last year’s Super Bowl, which also saw the Giants beat the Patriots, but the one in 2008).

The team over at Live! has hoped to keep the news of Stahan’s a selection a secret and then announce it at the end of a long series of teases, but you know how information works these days. Mitt Romney can’t even keep his running mate a secret and he’s a freaking multi-millionaire presidential candidate with some of the smartest minds in the country working for him.

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