New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Emerge (PHOTOS)

Rockstar Games just posted three screenshots of its upcoming (and super hotly-anticipated) game, Grand Theft Auto V. All three were posted under the heading “Leisure,” suggesting that these show some of the fun side missions that will be included in the game.

Take a look at these beauties:

Though the graphics in these images look good, they don’t necessarily look “next gen” good. As a Reddit user by the name of knight666 points out, these GTA V screenshots appear to be from the Xbox 360 build of the game. As he notes, the shadows on the mansion look messed up (particularly under the roof). The shadow of the fence next to the tennis court also looks pretty borked. Still, the game is still in development and there’s time for some of these issues to be worked out before release.

The images hint at what the storyline for the game might be (as did the original trailer). If you had to place a bet now, the smart money would be that you start the game as a rich mogul, but somehow lose your fortune and have to turn back to a life of crime to get it back–and to get revenge on whoever cost you your fortune in the first place.

More screenshots from GTA V are expected to be released in the coming days.

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