‘Dogshaming’ Tumblr Lets You Show the World What a Jerk Your Dog is (PHOTOS)

Dogs have a pretty sweet deal. For the most part, they get to laze about all day, eating the food that’s brought to them, taking many naps, and collecting affection from the foolish humans who decide to house them.

But it can’t all be sunshine and beef jerky. If dogs want to live in the world of people, they’ve got to deal with one of the fundamental aspects of the human experience – shame. You hear that, canines? Shaaaaame.

It is with that in mind that the ‘Dogshaming’ Tumblr was created. Dogshaming is exactly what it sounds like: a way for humans to subject their canine comrades to a hearty public shaming for doing all of the stupid stuff that dogs are wont to do.

The concept is simple: people submit pictures of their dogs, along with signs detailing the pup’s crimes. Here are a few of the results:

Deal with it, dogs.

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