Daycare Workers Arrested for Running ‘Toddler Fight Club’

The first rule of Toddler Fight Club is that you do not babble incomprehensibly about Toddler Fight Club.

Three employees of a daycare in Delaware were arrested yesterday for running what has been described as a ‘Toddler Fight Club’. The three women, ranging in age from 19 to 47, were taken into custody after a video surfaced of them watching and egging on two 3-year-olds as they fought.

As amusing as it sounds, the story is actually pretty disturbing. The video, which appears to have been taken in March of this year, has been described by police as “difficult to watch.” Although the cell phone video has not been released, as it is considered evidence, Dover Police have described the incident as it occurs in the footage.

At one point, a child can be heard crying and telling one of the workers, “He’s pinching me.”

“No pinching, only punching,” responds the woman.

“One of the kids involved ran over to one of the adults for protection, but she turned him around back into the fight,” explained Dover Police Captain Tim Stump. Didn’t she know that the third rule of Toddler Fight Club is that if someone says “stop” or taps out, the fight is over?

Tiana Harris, Lisa Parker, and Estefania Myers have been charged with assault, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, and conspiracy.

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