Teen Uses ID with Picture of Bobby Hill to Buy Booze

Seems legit.

The ID card pictured above looks like a joke badge that one might find in a cereal box or DVD box set. And yet six out of 22 stores in Nottinghamshire, UK, allowed a teen to use it to buy alcohol (a further seven didn’t ask for identification). Not only does the card show a picture of cartoon character Bobby Hill from King of the Hill in place of an actual photograph, it also listed the bearer’s age to be 17 – one year too young to buy alcohol in the UK.

Unfortunately, the teen who threw down the laughably bad fake ID wasn’t some Bueller-esque kid with balls of steel. He was an 18-year-old volunteer for the Nottinghamshire City Council, helping to crack down on shops that don’t ID correctly. We’re guessing that the stores that accepted an ID card with a cartoon on it probably didn’t pass.

The city council chairman called the results of the experiment “disappointing,” and is encouraging local businesses to ask for identification from any customer that appears to be younger than 25 (or a cartoon, presumably).

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