Brian Urlacher Breaks Up With Jenny McCarthy

Rough summer for Chicago Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. He’s been dealing with a bad knee for weeks and he finally went under the knife earlier this week. Though he says that he’ll be back in time for the season opener, there is concern that the aging star will never get back the speed and power that made him one of the game’s most feared linebackers over the past decade.

Urlacher has also experienced upheaval in his personal life this summer. According to reports, he’s no longer dating 39-year-old former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy.

McCarthy has turned pretty crazy since her days of taking her clothes off for money–she’s a leader in the crazy anti-vaccination movement–but she’s still pretty hot (in a MILFy way). More importantly, she was an impressive pull for Urlacher, a man who’s not exactly known for having high standards (he has kids with three different women and he once dated Paris Hilton).

The 2012 season will probably be Urlacher’s last chance to win a Super Bowl with the team he’s spent his entire career with–if he can even get on the field. He’s a free agent in 2013 and it’s hard to see any NFL team giving him and his 35-year-old, broken-down body a role as anything more than a backup.

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