Watch This Umpire Get Kicked In The Face (VIDEO)

A couple months ago, Major League Baseball umpire Greg Gibson took a 96 MPH Stephen Strasburg fastball to the balls. Apparently, the baseball gods weren’t done with Gibson. They are merciless, those baseball gods.

Last night, Greg Gibson’s balls were spared, but his face was not. As Angels outfielder Torii Hunter slid into home plate and tried to avoid the tag from the catcher, his body contorted in such a way that it kicked Gibson square in the face. His cleats just raked across his forehead.

Take a look at the play. Ouchies!

It’s awesome how the commentator is all like “And he is…” and then sort of trails off as he wonders whether Gibson might just have died.

Gibson was okay, but he did have to leave the game to go get some stitches.

Hunter was called out on the play, but he didn’t storm back to the dugout in frustration. Instead, he played the good guy role and immediately checked if Gibson was okay.

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