Watch The New Trailer For ‘Star Wars 1313’ (VIDEO)

It won’t be out until 2013 (no official release date has been chosen), but the mature-themed Star Wars video game, Star Wars 1313, is at the top of many gamers’ most-anticipated lists.

The game is set in a world deep below the surface of the urban planet Coruscant. It features a deadly bounty hunter who tracks down targets and reveals a gritty and seedy side of the Star Wars universe and it’s set at some point between Star Wars Episodes III and IV.

And, now, the game has a brand-new trailer. Check it out:


The trailer makes the game look pretty good, but that’s kind of the idea with trailers. The idea seems rock-solid. For once, we may actually see a fresh take on the Star Wars aesthetic. Of course, it’s all about game-play (as always). If the game doesn’t play well, all the pretty graphics and cool new characters in the world won’t matter.

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