Steve Jobs’ House Got Robbed

At at time when the company he built into a behemoth that’s richer and more powerful  than most nations on the earth is battling Samsung in court amidst claims that Samsung blatantly stole its design ideas, Apple founder Steve Jobs just got robbed in a different way.

Jobs, of course, passed away last year. According to reports, his Palo Alto, California home was burglarized last month and crooks made away with over $60,000 worth of property that once belonged to him.

Police believe they have the man responsible for the crime. Kevin McFarlin, a 35 year-old resident of Alameda, was arrested and charged. He faces more than seven years behind bars if convicted.

Local police are saying that the burglary is considered to be “random” and they have not suggested that Jobs’ estate was targeted specifically.

It’s unclear what, exactly, was stolen from the home. Police have suggested that “computers and personal items” were targeted, but that could mean that the thief took priceless Apple prototypes or it could mean that he took Jobs’ personal iPad. Or, it could mean that he stole a printer.

No word at this time on whether any of the items were recovered.

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