Tyrann Mathieu AKA The Honey Badger Has Reportedly Been Kicked Off LSU’s Football Team

According to reports emanating from Louisiana, cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has been kicked out of LSU’s football program.

Sources close to the situation say that the LSU cornerback’s family and friends have begun looking for a new football program for him. Though details about the reason for Mathieu’s dismissal–or even confirmation of the dismissal–are hard to come by at this time, it appears that the player known as the Honey Badger is officially done playing for the Tigers.

The prevailing rumor is that Mathieu failed a third drug test. Privacy laws may prohibit LSU coach Les Miles from revealing this information, but leaks are inevitable. Though we don’t know for sure that a failed drug test is behind Mathieu’s expulsion from the program, we should have some clarity soon enough.

Repeatedly failing drug tests won’t exactly help Mathieu’s NFL draft stock, though he’s likely to still be high on many teams’ draft boards. Play-making cornerbacks of his caliber are rare and there are at least a few NFL teams that are willing to overlook drug use during college in order to get a player that can have the kind of impact on a defense that Mathieu has had for LSU.

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  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    I’m too biased to write on this one… however, I’ll say… the kid apparently loves to smoke dope. You get to a point where the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. LSU will not skip a beat. This team is as loaded as they come, and that kind of influence can’t be floating throughout the locker room. I wish him the best…he’s a tremendous talent… and he is truly fearless, but he also seems to lack a shred of wisdom. His haul to the NFL would have been a big ask, and this repeated behavior is going to make it even more difficult.