Top Five Greatest Track And Field Fails Of All Time

Outside of the Olympics, Track and field isn’t a sport that you see in the ESPN highlight reels too often. Even in Olympic years, most people pay attention to a few key events, like the 100m dash, but that’s about it. Something about people running in a straight line–or, occasionally, in a circle–and jumping over things just doesn’t capture the public’s attention. Unless world records are being broken, it’s just not that captivating.

It turns out that it’s more fun to watch people fail and track and field than it is to watch them succeed. So, we present to you… the top five greatest track and field bloopers of all time:

1. If You’re Going To Lose, At Least Do It In Style

Oh my gawd… Christian is sooo funny. Unfortunately, Christian isn’t particularly fast or coordinated.

2. How not to hurdle

It’s probably not fair to call the guy in lane 1 a hurdler, because he didn’t hurdle much of anything. He could set a world record in comically running into things, though.

3. Girl, you be trippin’

The music really takes this video to another level. Part of you wants to feel bad for these girls because they are clearly not coordinated enough to be doing this, but it’s easy to get over that feeling when you realize that some misguided person (probably a parent) edited this video together in an attempt to make an inspirational video. The result is the least inspiring inspirational video of all time.

4. The long jump bump

Finally, a video in which the athlete doesn’t mess up. This guy was going along, minding his own business and getting up a head of steam before his long jump attempt when, suddenly, some clueless woman walked into his path. What a jerk. Good thing she got absolutely jacked up.

5. He took a pole to the pole

You have to watch this video in slow motion to truly understand what happened. The pole vaulting itself wasn’t a fail–the guy cleared the bar with room to spare. It was on the trip back down to earth that disaster struck. As someone who has never pole vaulted, nor fallen from a height of more than a few feet, it’s hard to image just how much it would hurt to land junk-first on a 12-foot pole. It can’t be fun. The only possible consolation for this guy is that the pole didn’t land a couple inches to the side, in an even more sensitive area.

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