Watch This Olympic Diver Bellyflop Into The Pool (VIDEO)

In Olympic diving, you’re supposed to keep your legs together (no can openers allowed), point your toes and land in the water with the smallest splash possible.

Stephan Feck, a German diver competing in the men’s 3-meter springboard competition, accomplished none of the above. As a result, he finished in 29th place out of a field of 29 divers–dead last. The diver who won the gold, Russia’s Ilya Zakharov, finished with nearly five times as many points as Feck. In fact, Feck ended up nearly 200 points behind the diver who finished second-last.

And, frankly, he deserved to finish where he did. Check out the video of this horrible dive he performed during the competition. Feck received a score of 0.0 for this, his second dive:

This dive was so bad that Olympics officials actually rushed to the pool to make sure Feck was okay. He was physically fine, but it’s difficult to imagine that he got out the pool without some major injuries to his pride.

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  1. Oh yeah, man… the old “Back Buster.” Though the IOC has jacked the video. Jerks.