Floyd Mayweather Is Out Of Jail

It only took boxer Floyd Mayweather 12 days in jail to start crying about how he was wasting away, but he managed to suck it up (not like he had a choice) and he lasted another two months in the slammer. As of yesterday, however, Mayweather is a free man.

Officially, Mayweather served two months of his 90-day sentence for domestic battery–enough for the people at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas to let him walk. While behind bars, Mayweather reportedly was isolated from other inmates for 23 hours of every day–for his own safety.

Many of Mayweather’s family members and friends were present to welcome him back to society as he walked out of the institution. He was even spotted hugging rapper 50 Cent.

Mayweather chose not to speak to the media upon his release. Currently, his future in boxing is up in the air. He’s been ducking Manny Pacquiao for years now and there’s no reason to think that two months behind bars will change his reluctance to do that fight.

Mayweather certainly has more than enough money to retire for good–he made a reported $80+ million last year alone–but he’s talked about retiring before and he’s always ended up back in the ring.

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