Lindsay Lohan Shoots Nude Scene Only After The Film Crew Strips Down

Lindsay Lohan has posed nude in the past. She was on the cover of Playboy late last year. Still, the actress (can we really call her an actress at this point?) is still shy about stripping down in front of the cameras.

On the set of the movie she’s filming now, The Canyons, Lohan was recently scheduled to shoot a topless scene. According to reports, she decided that she just couldn’t do it. She refused to stripe down and shoot the scene. It’s unclear why she waited until she was already filming the movie to make this clear (did she not read the script before agreeing to the role), but Lohan doesn’t always act in a rational manner.

Scrambling to figure out a way for the scene to not be ruined, the crew of the film offered a compromise: they would strip down, too, if she would shoot the scene as intended. Lohan eventually agreed.

So, the ten-man crew stripped down to their boxers and proceeded to shoot what must have been one of the weirdest scenes in conventional film history (adult film history doesn’t count).

Interestingly, Lohan’s co-star in the film is James Deen, a man who has no problem getting completely nude in front of the cameras. Deen is a porn actor by trade–this is one of his first non-porn acting projects–and he’s appeared in literally hundreds of porno films.

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