Hulu Plus Is On Apple TV, Finally

Without much fanfare, one of the best set-top streaming boxes just upped its game. Starting today, Hulu Plus is available on the Apple TV.

The Hulu Plus app showed up this morning for Apple TV users, right next to the Netflix app. Apple didn’t make any big announcement (or even a small announcement) for it, but many users immediately noticed the change. The team at Hulu quickly confirmed everything in a blog post.

Hulu Plus has been available on many of the Apple TV’s competitors, including the XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Roku HD, for a while now.

A Hulu Plus subscription will run you $8 a month and allows for unlimited streaming of movies and television shows (like Netflix). Hulu Plus’s library of new movies isn’t great, but it does feature the entire Criterion collection (over 150 classic movies). The service also has a lot of great TV shows.

On the heels of rumors that Apple is working on its own television, many expected the company to begin to open up it’s Apple TV ecosystem to many new third party apps. Hulu Plus might just be the tip of the iceberg.

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