‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Re-Cut With Disney’s ‘Lion King’ Is Pretty Epic, Says Christopher Nolan (VIDEO)

It’s called The Lion King Rises and it’s “pretty epic,” according to Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight Rises.

Editor/director Bran Hansen (moviemaestroten on YouTube) took the audio from the Dark Knight Rises trailer and re-cut it with video from Disney’s The Lion King. The result is a sublime mix that works so well that you almost believe that it’s a real film.

So much of this is perfect. The mouths all match the dialog. The storm. The chanting hyenas. The roar at the end. The editing is masterful. The “Summer 1994″ joke at the end is awesome, too.

Christopher Nolan has seen the trailer and he agrees. ”That one got thrust in front of me,” he told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. ”I thought it was pretty epic.”

So… who else really wants a dark and Nolan-esque sequel to The Lion King now?

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