Kate Middleton’s Tight Jeans Are The Best Story Of The Olympics So Far (PHOTOS)

Sure, the Olympics are barely underway. The opening ceremonies aren’t until tonight and the only events that have happened so far are some preliminary soccer games. The bar for “best story of the Olympics” is pretty low, but that isn’t going to stop me from declaring this picture of Kate Middleton’s butt in tight jeans as the absolute best story of the Olympics (so far, at least).

Pippa Middleton has been known as the Middleton with the best butt, but big sister Kate has clearly made a power move here. She’s gunning for that title and she might just have taken it with the help of those bright blue, skin-tight jeans.

Kate is still just 30, but she has often been criticized for dressing older than her age. It’s hard to blame her for her conservative dress considering her role in the royal family, but it’s nice to see her finally dress like someone as young and vibrant as she really is.

Below, a few more shots of Kate in her blue pants:

Kate is scheduled to make her next public appearance at the Olympic Stadium for tonight’s opening ceremonies. It’s a safe bet she’ll be wearing something a little more regal for that event.

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20 Responses to Kate Middleton’s Tight Jeans Are The Best Story Of The Olympics So Far (PHOTOS)

  1. Hubba Hubba!

  2. Kate is dressing like an 18 year old. Thirty is old. For the Olympics where are the tennis shoes. It is so disgraceful this woman looks hideous and the brits don’t call her out. If someone is telling her to dress young, they are crazy. Thirty is way past being a junior what those pants look like they are for.

    • F*** off!! She looks sporty and modern – the perfect look for an Olympics!! Your just jealous she looks better than you!!

  3. She looks like a street walker!

    • I agree kim!! She’s lost herself and doesn’t know her place! It is a shame that my doughters will look at her!!!

      • Your both just jealous!! ‘Street Walker’? Are you kidding?? Just because you’ve both let yourself go and look like a smashed crab, don’t take it out on her!!

  4. Wow, what happened to Kim. Just can’t get enough meanness for one day, huh? Sorry you are so bummed about her. Try checking out yourself sometime.

  5. I used to love kate before even she married william, but after marrying him she really changed. She is acting like a celebrity more these days and not a person who is responsible. After all we pay taxes. Her hair extensions takes hours to be made and is expensive, Her pants are too tight , really tight for someone in connection with royal family. Especially her blue pants for olympics (light blue not dark one, you could see her crotch and everything else). Dude give me a break. It is just too embarrassing. I’m so disappointed at william who let her go loose like that.

    • creativegenius says:

      Her hair is real you moron and how exactly is she acting like a celebrity? Explain the stupid comments you come out with.

  6. I want to take a bite!!! Mmmmmmmmm……

  7. Wow, what a bunch of haters! Are you so unhappy with your own lives that you need to hate on lovely young woman, minding her business, having a fun day with her husband?She’a about as normal as royal’s get. She can change her pants, but you people will always be ugly on the inside.

  8. TallSilentGuy says:

    All hail the Queen Of Chavs!

    • she has kind of chicken legs and pan flat ass. To say she works out that bum is hanging low for a youngish woman without kids. I would doubt she is anywhere near 5’10”. She is probably 5’8″ and the platforms make her loads taller. I’m 5’10”, and tower over guys 6’2″ if I wear those platform wedges. If I noticed I had a low flat butt like that I’d do squats. I’m 45 years old and my butt is way perkier than that. (You can comment about her without having gone to rack and ruin or being jealous) She will go to pot when she has had the kid if she was like this totally pampered, starving herself and working out all the time. She IS queen of the chavs, remember the butt pics in Canada where she wore either 1 Nothing or 2 a thong under a Summer dress and bared her bum for all to see when the wind blew. Awful, and so many crotch shots. Either she is an exhibitionist or just really crass. Or both.

  9. It’s sports , she just wants to fit in , I would be happy if my daughters looked up to her .

  10. anyidea on twitter says:

    She looks great and she’s flaunting it ! Most of the critics are secretly wishing they could rock those jeans like Kate. You go girl in this present moment you got the shape, in the future it will be just a memory flaunt your shape now in the present.

  11. Now in really love her. Nice legs. She does not need to dress elegant to look like.

  12. Really? Her butt isn’t anything special. She has nice legs, but that’s it. The Middleton family doesn’t really have anything good to look at in the rump department. That’s for damn sure.

  13. It’s the tightness and shape not the size of a butt that makes it sexy you idjets. For example kim kardashian has a fat ugly ass…