Audrina Patridge Is Still Alive, Still Looking Great In A Bikini (PHOTOS)

Remember Audrina Patridge? She was on that MTV show The Hills–your girlfriend probably made you watch it with her. That feels like a million years ago, doesn’t it? Stunningly, the show only went off the air two summers ago (though many people stopped watching before then).

Patridge is still alive and still semi-famous, though it’s totally unclear what she’s doing with her time these days. She was photographed at some kind of pool recently (I didn’t bother to look up the details, because they clearly don’t matter) and the 27-year-old is still looking pretty darn good.

Though her boobs are clearly fake (you can tell by the weird lumpiness of them), her bronze tan, ultra-tight stomach and freshly-waxed bikini line more than make up for it. Take a look:

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  1. Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge was nice to people at Foxwoods. It would be so enjoyable to say only nice things about the day. Except Audrina did not look nearly as good as she used to, or could. Audrina’s boobs are fake anymore after her drastic reduction in 2011. She looked so much better enhanced.Now with a good boosting bikini top like the baby blue she wore a year ago, or the white one from her recent Cabo vacation she would have looked so much better and been the curvy amazing Audrina we love on “The Hills”. Reduced Audrina needs the boost. Without it she’s just another cute girl not the dramatic celebrity we expect.

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  2. Oops **…are NOT fake!