Alexa Vega, The Girl From Spy Kids, Grew Up And Got Hot

Want to feel old? Try this on for size. Do you remember the Spy Kids series? If you’re among the key demographic for this site, you probably weren’t much older than the kids in those movies around they time they came out.

Alexa Vega is the name of the actress who played the main girl, Carmen Cortez, in Spy Kids 1-4. She’s no longer a girl–she’s a 23-year-old woman now. And a stacked woman at that.

Take a look at this picture she just posted to her Instagram account:

Vega apparently just got divorced, so perhaps she posted the pic as a way of declaring that she’s back on the market. Though she’s still in her early twenties, she’s been married to 36-year-old Hollywood producer Sean Covell for the past couple of years.

As far as her career goes, Vega isn’t about to become the next in a long line of child actors whose careers dry up when they grow up. She was just cast in director Robert Rodriguez’s next project, Machete Kills (the sequel to the awesomely violent Machete).

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  1. Some hot pictures of her here, made into wallpapers: