Six Women Rape Man to Death in Nigeria

Before we begin, it should be noted that the details in the story below are (obviously) sketchy and have not been confirmed. The story is crazy enough, and is being reported on enough reputable news sites, that it’s worth including here.

According to reports, a Nigerian man has been “raped to death” after his six wives forced him to repeatedly have sex with them.

The man’s name was Uroko Onoja and he allegedly spent too much time with his youngest wife for the liking of his five other wives. Those wives banded together, armed themselves with knives and sticks, and captured Onoja as he was returning home from a visit to the local bar. They then insisted that he have sex with them.

Onoja supposedly tried to resist, but he eventually gave in. He had sex with four wives, but stopped breathing before he could get down to business with the fifth. When he wives realized that he was no longer breathing, they fled the scene.

Onoja was later pronounced dead.

Those are all the details that have emerged so far. Obviously, it seems quite likely that the true cause of death was not rape, but rather a heart attack.

In Nigeria, there is often a very large power imbalance between husbands and wives. Women are often expected to serve the sexual needs of their husbands and little thought is given to their own needs.

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