Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Offered The Chance To Pose For Nude Pictures (PHOTOS)

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke’s popularity is peaking at a weird time. A week or so ago, video of her pre-race dancing routine made the rounds online and turned her into an overnight Internet sensation. (Her ultra-hot physical appearance also helped.) Unfortunately for her, she won’t be able to maximize her sudden fame because she failed to qualify for the Summer Olympics, which get started today. Within days, we’ll all be talking about hurdlers who aren’t Michelle Jenneke and she’ll be sitting at home looking hot and (probably) dancing around in her undies.

Maybe Jenneke’s time in the spotlight doesn’t have to end so soon, however. The good people at have issued a public offer to her: pose nude on the site and they will make a “sizable donation” to the governing body of sports in Australia.

The whole thing is a publicity stunt, of course. is pretty much just a crappy version of Facebook where people can post nude photos and videos of themselves. No one uses it. They want us to talk about them, and they have succeeded (you’ll note that I gave them no link, however).

Jenneke, of course, will turn the offer down. Even if she wanted to so it, the Australian Sports Commission would surely reject’s money.

Maybe this will open up new opportunities for her, though. If enough people make it clear that they want to see her nude, maybe she’ll get an offer from a more reputable publisher–a Maxim magazine or something along those lines.

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6 Responses to Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Offered The Chance To Pose For Nude Pictures (PHOTOS)

  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    That is all they’re doing with what is probably the most sought-after domain name of all time? I’m kind of disappointed.

    • Nicky Jenneke says:

      For anyone interested in the truth, Michelle has not been approached by anyone to pose nude and if she was, she would respectfully say ‘no thankyou’

      • Ross Suckerson says:

        Why not? They’d probably pay her a million dollars. I understand being respectful and all, but I also understand that a million dollars would be a really nice pickup, all just for showing the internet what she looks like naked. Even you, being her sister, could probably parlay this whole action into a lucrative nude spread in Hustler or something. Don’t rule it out based on what society tells you either. Take a while to think on it.

      • Ok than will you pose naked please ?

  2. Jeffrey LeClair says:

    So… Ms.Jenneke I was wondering.. would Michelle marry me? I know I’m just an american yank.. however I am well cultured, I went to culinary school so I can cook well. I clean very well and I am clean and smell nice. I don’t do drugs, I do drink but am a very nice and happy drunk. I have no criminal record other than a pot charge from high school. I am not a pervert and would still be head over heals if she were fully clothed.. my whole goal in life would to make that beautiful girl smile every second of everyday… Long shot I know.. but hey she’s worth the shot. 🙂 thanks

  3. She’s a fantasy come true for us guys and girls to. It would be freaking awsome if she did post nude for a magazine or for charity only time will tell.