2012 Olympics Schedule: Opening Ceremony Is Friday Night, But The Events Start Today

The 2012 London Summer Olympics gets underway this afternoon–130 miles away from the city of London.

The first athletic event will see Great Britain’s women’s soccer (football) team take on New Zealand at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. Five other preliminary stage soccer games will also take place today.

Ticket sales for the opening match have been slow, with the 74,000-seat stadium expected to be only half full, despite the game featuring the “home team.” Part of the reason might be that there are no Welsh women on team Great Britain.

There are more soccer games on Thursday, but the Olympics will get finally fully underway on Friday, when the three-hour opening ceremony takes place. The name of the ceremony is “Isles of Wonder” and it’s expected that several live farm animals will be on hard to take part in the show.

About 15,000 people will take part in the staging of the opening ceremony, with a worldwide viewing audience of four billion expected.

Whether the 2012 London Opening Ceremony can live up to the tremendous achievement of the 2008 Beijing Opening Ceremony is a question that remains to be answered. The Beijing ceremony blew the lid off what was expected in such an event. It featured hundreds of performers drumming and dancing in perfect synchronization. It was absolutely stunning:

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  1. john latchaw says:

    There seems to be 100,s of different schedules for the summer olympics. I’m just needing a complete day to day schedule through out the complete games. Any suggestions? John

  2. john latchaw says:

    Would like to know where to go to get a complete day to day schedule for the games.