Ten Things That Were Stupid About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Most of the world has now seen the final piece of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. It’s a visually-stunning–don’t all those practical effects look amazing in a world filled with CGI?–and thought-provoking film that deserves the praise that is being heaped up on it. Well, most of the praise.

Make no mistake: the good parts of the film are very, very good. The returning actors all turn in fantastic performances, but it’s the new characters that really steal the scenes in this film. Anne Hathaway’s “Catwoman” (they never actually call her by that name), in particular, is probably the best version of that character we’ve ever seen on film (with absolutely no apologies to Halle Berry). Thematically, the film is as rich as any superhero movie will ever be.

That said, TDKR doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s probably the weakest film of the Nolan’s Batman series, though that’s not uncommon for the final chapter of trilogies (Return of the Jedi, anyone?). It gets bogged down in its immense scope and there are times when plot elements are introduced so quickly, almost out of necessity, that the audience isn’t given time to properly digest everything that’s happening (or time to realize that some of it makes little sense). Though rapid pacing and convoluted plots are becoming a bit of a hallmark of Nolan films, it seems like audiences are mostly willing to forgive him because of his admirable ambition. Still, it would be nice to see Nolan write a truly waterproof plot at some point.

There are a few specific aspects of the film that I’m not willing to forgive, though. And I don’t think you should, either. Without further ado, here are five things that I thought were stupid about The Dark Knight Rises:

1. The name The Dark Knight Rises. There’s nothing especially wrong with the standalone name The Dark Knight Rises, it’s just that it creates a very clunky trio of names for the Nolan trilogy. If the first film has been called The Dark Knight Begins instead of Batman Begins, it would have worked. Instead, we get a trilogy in which the second and third films look like a pair based on their names, despite the fact that the third is probably a closer relative of the first. My preference would have been a name pulled from the comics, like Knightfall or No Man’s Land (both of which were comic story arcs that influenced the plot of this movie in a significant way).

2. Bane’s voice. It seemed an impossible task, but Christopher Nolan has given the world a character with an even more comically ridiculous voice than Christian Bale’s Batman: Tom Hardy’s Bane. I had no problem understanding what Bane was saying (the audio guys did a good job cleaning that up), it’s just that Bane’s accent was so goofy that I almost burst out laughing at key moments in the film.

3. Batman decides to fight Bane with his hands. One of the most important aspects of the Batman character is his ingenuity. He invents gadgets and keeps them on hand in his utility belt. When he gets in a jam, he always has some kind of tool to bail him out. Not this time, though. Batman decides to confront the huge and powerful Bane using only his hands. At no point does he try to level the playing field with one of his trademark gadgets. And he gets his back broken as a result of it.

4. Bruce Wayne recovers from a broken back in under five months. I don’t recall if it’s ever explicitly stated that Bane broke Batman’s back (that’s what happens in the comic book story arc TDKR borrows from), but we know that, at the very least, Bruce Wayne is suffering from a dislocated vertebrae while trapped in a prison/giant hole in the ground. That’s an injury that typically takes a year and a half and many sessions of intense physical therapy for a person to recover from. Somehow, during the five months (maximum) that Wayne is in a prison described as “hell on earth,” he is able to fully recover from the injury. Those must have been some pretty special push-ups he did.

5. The prison/hole in the ground. Who builds a prison that you are able to climb out of? And who is running this prison? It appears that inmates are given an unlimited number of chances to escape. It also appears that all these supposedly horrible people (they attacked Bane after he helped a small girl) are all friends who help each other train and cheer on each other’s escape attempts.

6. Bruce Wayne is a heck of a hitchhiker. Wayne escapes the foreign prison (we never hear what country it’s in, but it’s clearly somewhere far away) and somehow makes it all the way back to Gotham City without any money or any identification.

7. The federal government’s inaction. There’s an atomic bomb in Gotham City that is controlled by a group of people who are, essentially, terrorists. The bridges have been destroyed, making it hard to leave or enter the city. The President has been made aware of all of this. What does he do? He doesn’t send in air support (other than a few reconnaissance fly-overs). He doesn’t send his naval fleet to land on the shores. He sends just three Navy Seals and then sits back and lets the citizens of Gotham solve their own problem–for five months! What the heck was happening in Congress during this time? A major city is in anarchy and there is no significant military intervention?

8. Batman’s time management. There’s a ticking bomb that needs to be defused, but Batman somehow finds the time to paint a giant version of his logo on a bridge using gasoline and then rig it up so that Commissioner Gordon can ignite it from down on the ground. He does this for the sole purpose of it looking cool. Was that really the best use of your time, Batman?

9. The SEC really drops the ball. Bane’s crew executes a series of clearly fraudulent stock trades, effectively bankrupting Bruce Wayne. Did no one in the financial world think to just reverse these trades?

10. The world’s most durable atomic bomb. That bomb takes a beating in this movie. It’s tweaked, shot at, banged around in the back of a truck and then chained to a plane. No one is at all concerned that any of this stuff might cause it to detonate?

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  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    My dear editor. If I may counterpoint and comment. A post this ambitious most definitely deserves a rousing commentary. Some very valid points of confusion and WTF, but having enjoyed these conversations, here’s a bit of what I came up with. … to begin… I was seriously doubting Selina Kyle, regardless of the fact that I’m a huge Anne Hathaway fan–I came away stating that Scarlett Johansson could refer to this film for future reference. Hathaway has an innate quality to create relationship with whoever she’s in a scene with … all former Catwomen have been of the look at me variety. Much like the way Black Widow is strutting around in the current Marvel incarnation. Digressing.

    The Dark Knight Rises = The final call of Warner Bros. Though we don’t know what some of the other options were, they certainly existed. Maybe I’m making this up, but if I remember 8 or 9 years ago, Nolan was never excited about the title “Batman Begins.”

    Bane’s voice. Seriously. Sean Connery? But I quickly reminded myself–this is a comic…a glorified cartoon…maybe I should laugh…

    During the fight scenes I could hear my son squirming in his seat, and eventually he let it out–“slice him with your forearm blades.” Perhaps this was a code of the league of shadows that isn’t mentioned. He didn’t use weaponry from his belt when he fought Ra’s Al Ghul in BB, either. But yep. Never really addressed.

    Here’s where we have to disagree a bit. Bruce Wayne was already in the prison when the bomb was triggered for its countdown. So. Probably 5 months…and two weeks. That having been said, a cracked vertebrae wouldn’t be as bad as what was also suggested in the film, multiple slipped discs. The break could heal in 6-8 weeks, the discs…? Well, nothing the “pit chiropractic” couldn’t handle. Which made my old back injury feel like it happened yesterday…

    Only two people were capable of climbing out… Batman and a little girl…!? Though I could see a young Marion Cotillard being a stellar long jumper. For France…

    He did get back awfully fast, didn’t he? I have a feeling there’s a couple of scenes that were cut to keep this sucker from being 3 hours plus, which I wouldn’t have minded… but I’d love to see the shooting script.

    It took us how long to find the “mastermind” of 9/11? Yep. I’m pickin’ up what you’re laying down. But this is customarily how the USofA has dealt with large hostage situations. Hands off. Don’t negotiate, but take the threat seriously.

    He probably got back to Gotham at dusk, and couldn’t really make a move until midnight… yeah. that sounds good. 😉 So what better use of time than to make fiery graffiti?

    They hammered the gas pedal on this aspect, didn’t they? It needed a good 10 min. of explanation, as opposed to the 2 lines that were offered in regards to a fraud investigation. Didn’t bother me though, having been hit with identity theft and having 3,000 stolen, and having to sign multiple affidavits, and wait 6 weeks while they “investigate.” Ultimately, the deals were done with Bruce Wayne’s finger prints, and with the burden of proof lying on the accuser…? Agreed. This was huge. Perhaps had it not happened at the stock exchange and just through a private broker. But then, we needed the hostage situation to serve as impetus to “the return” …

    It wasn’t technically a bomb until the core meltdown, right?

    I loved this trilogy. I don’t know that they’re done. They said they were done with The Dark Knight legend…but not Batman and Robin… so… we’ll see. In terms of Nolan’s stuff, have you given The Prestige a viewing lately? I felt there were several gaps in Inception, but having watched it several times, I have found more layers that I missed the first time around. …however, The Prestige… I’m really surprised it wasn’t more popular than it was.

    • Charlotte Hannah
      Charlotte Hannah says:

      The Prestige was awesome. You can’t go wrong with David Bowie. I mean, look at Labyrinth…

  2. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    I did laugh when Bane first spoke, due to the resemblance to Sean Connery. By the end of the film though, I found myself liking it for the same reason I liked the Joker’s unique cadence — it was memorable. Apparently it was based off of bare-knuckle boxer Bartley Gorman (“king of the gypsies”), which is kind of cool.

    Also, the climax of TDKR.

    • Jackson Diehl says:

      One thing I noticed was that Bruce Wayne was declared dead and ‘buried’ without a body. This for a guy that once disappeared for SEVEN YEARS.

  3. Larry Kinnison says:

    Small quibble here:

    “At no point does he try to level the playing field with one of his trademark gadgets. And he gets his back broken as a result of it.”

    This is false. Batman throws little explosives at Bane and they blow up in midair due to Bane’s tricky little vest. Also, Batman uses his EMP burst to kill the lights and try to attack from the shadows, but it backfires on him badly, since Bane grew up in the dark.

  4. The movie was edited incorrectly. The dialogue and storyline made no sense. i would have chosen another villain instead of Bane. Degrading Bane as a lap dog of Ras a Ghul’ s daughter came up flat and unbelievable.

    The movie was way too long. The movie should have started out with the battle with Bane and Batman. Bane holding the body of a beaten Batman over his head and cracking his back on his knee.

    During the prison time, (Choose a different setting, how could a prison rehabilitate his back? They had no prison hospital. Maybe Alfred or Luscious Fox using one of his great Batman vehicles swoops up Batman to a deserted island and then get rehabilitated) then there should be a series of flashbacks on how he got there to battle Bane in the first place.

    All those scenes with John Blake (Robin) made zero sense and should have been deleted. Also Bruce Wayne sleeping with the enemy? How did she get to be a Billionairess anyway/

    Catwoman should have been more prominent in the film. Instead of her being Catwoman she should have been Batgirl. She wasn’t really a villain in the movie anyway.

  5. 10) As far as i know nuclear bombs don’t just “go off” because you jostle them. there is the possibility of it becoming a “dirty bomb” if its handled too roughly though. But you take lesser of two evils when facing annihilation.

  6. The entire movie was preposterous and empty. So unworthy of a Batman flick.

    Batman mainly flew around in a hoverjet (or whatever) and Catwoman did all her damage by using the Batpod’s missiles. No explanation why she dressed up like a cat. Hell, she didnt even own a cat. Or call herself Catwoman.

    “Robin” was some police guy running around shooting people. Wow. The scene near the end with him and the kids and the school bus… pointless.

    ALL the cops trapped in the sewers? None of the timing around that part of the movie made any sense. Most of the movie didnt make any sense. But so much money was spent on it that people will try to make sense where there is none. The movie is best described as ‘a whole lot of nothing’.

    This is not the best they could do to wrap up the Batman series. This is just going through the motions to get ‘er done. Nolan’s only good Batman film is Batman Begins.

    • James Sheldon
      James Sheldon says:

      Where can I catch one of your films, so I can compare your mastery with Nolan’s hack job?

      • Where’s yours James?

        • James Sheldon
          James Sheldon says:

          Was I trashing Christopher Nolan’s work? I’m just stating that I’d like to see a critic’s example of fine filmmaking so I could compare to Chris Nolan’s apparent “hack jobs.” Sorry, this is all I can easily show at present. I didn’t direct it, just acted in it. But developing the next one at present.


          Just trying to say that anyone who calls Chris Nolan a hack knows nothing about filmmaking. Nobody who has had their hands on a camera, and has been paid to do it, or has been in front of the camera and been paid to do it, or would be respected in a conversation about film, would call Chris Nolan a hack.

          • James Sheldon
            James Sheldon says:

            …and yours, Pete? Because I’d love to support it, regardless of whether or not I like it. Because I understand the ass busting that goes into it.

    • Please ReWatch says:

      You obviously didn’t get the movie you should probably watch it a second time.

      Why wouldn’t Batman use the Bat? In Batman Begins he used the Tumbler and in The Dark Knight he used the Batpod. Plus he only used it as a weapon in the last scenes when it was needed the same with Catwoman using the Batpod’s missiles. She also wasn’t trying to impersonate a cat hence she was never called catwoman she was a CAT BURGALAR. The only reference to a cat was her goggles when lifted up looked like cat ears, that was intentional as a reference to the comics.

      Robin wasn’t the Robin from the comics just like catwoman. He was just a cop who in the end is hinted to taking up the mantle of The Batman. The scene where he’s with the kids and the school bus it’s reflecting his change in views, earlier in the film he is disgusted by Gordon for lying and Gordon tells him he will one day have to do the same to keep hope alive. Guess what? That was the part of the movie which shows Robin having to lie to keep hope alive he told the children everything was going to be ok without really knowing the other guy with him even asked why he’s lying. Hope and despair were some of the key themes to the movie.

      You need to elaborate on the timing you’re speaking about with the cops, everything seemed to be in order.

      There were some questionable parts of the film but none of which are the ones you pointed out but you have to remember this is a comic book movie and along with all other movies that are fictitious a certain level of suspension of belief has to be allowed.

  7. @EDITOR and the rest :
    You really need to look into the movie, or you’ll miss out so many points and end up hating this movie. I don’t have so much time to write everything in detail, but this might be of some help.

    Q1. The name The Dark Knight Rises
    A : Michael Caine says to Bale : “You see only one end to your journey. Sometimes, a man rises from the darkness.”
    The Dark knight failed at first, he was tortured both mentally and physically..but despite all of this, he RISES from the darkness to fight for gotham. Hence the name, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

    Q2. Bane’s voice
    A : it adds to the terror.

    Q3. Batman decides to fight Bane with his hands
    A : Some of Batman’s weapons like the bomb, as quoted by BANE, are merely objects of theatricality and deception. (Because, batman doesn’t want to kill anyone > his ONE IDEAL). Also, this is the first encounter of Batman with an enemy who is physically stronger than the batman himself (maybe Batman was confident, anybody would be)

    Q4. Bruce Wayne recovers from a broken back in under five months.
    A : Its not broken, its just misplaced (protruded out of the body).Consider this like a dislocation, like dislocated disk..Recovery is possible in 4 months (google it)

    Q5. The prison/hole in the ground.
    A : The prison is run by Bane (someone says that in the movie). The rope which bruce throws into the well after climbing up, is the same rope which is used by Bane to climb down during his ‘visits’.
    “It appears that inmates are given an unlimited number of chances to escape.”
    Thats the point. Bane likes giving hope to people, before their death. He says this to Bruce in the movie.

    Q6. Bruce Wayne is a heck of a hitchhiker.
    A: C’mon, have you ever seen ‘BATMAN BEGINS’ ?? He travels to many places including CHINA with no preparation, money or food. Do you still think its difficult for Bruce to get back to Gotham, and that too with a purpose of saving it ?

    Q7. The federal government’s inaction.
    A : BANE clearly states that if any external intrusion is detected, he would blow up the bomb, killing everyone in Gotham. Its much like a Heldup Hostage situation, but on a bigger scale.

    Q8 : Batman’s time management. There’s a ticking bomb that needs to be defused, but Batman somehow finds the time to paint a giant version of his logo on a bridge using gasoline and then rig it up so that Commissioner Gordon can ignite it from down on the ground. He does this for the sole purpose of it looking cool. Was that really the best use of your time, Batman?

    A : That’s the point. One of the primary motives behind this was to INSTIGATE HOPE IN PEOPLE OF GOTHAM, that to make people realize that they still have hope. HOPE is the what Batman gives to GOTHAM throughout the TRILOGY.

    Q9. The SEC really drops the ball.
    A : I’m clueless. Maybe someone from this field can enlighten us.

    Q10. The world’s most durable atomic bomb.
    A : LOL, of course all nuclear bombs are contained in a highly durable environment.

    Many people don’t realize the depth of this movie, and if you watch this movie 2-3 times and carryout an intense research, you’ll end up explaining every of these so called ‘plot-holes’ circulating over internet.

    • Please ReWatch says:

      Thank you very much for pointing all this out so people can get it. I watched the movie once and was so surprised at the amount of so-called plot holes people thought were in the movie.

    • Superb!wel said!There are no big plot holes in this movie as some people scream about.. Some people who watch movies these days doesn’t have a brain to think..They want everything to be explained to the point by the film, like most of the movies that come out these days.. This film needs multiple viewings, cuz of the depth of this movie..I think this movie is better than TDK..(IMO)I love movies like these..

  8. How does Bane eat or drink water? And what about batman. does he ever eat or drink while saving the world? I thought hes everyones favorite because hes “human”

    And I agree with the main post on many points. Number 1 overall tho is
    “Bruce Wayne is a heck of a hitchhiker.” They look like they r in bfe and hes back in gotham in no time.

    And last gripe is there was way too many “im about to killed but the second before it happens someone appears on the spot at the perfect second to save me” that musta happened 4 or 5 times.

    Overall i liked the movie but the other 2 were way better.

  9. I Personally had a hard time understanding what Bane was saying. That was my strike 1, but I got used to it after a lurks. Cutting his legs out from under him at the end by revealing that the Tate chick is the brains and Bane is the muscle really pissed me off. That’s one of the things that made Bane so scary in the books. He wasn’t only a physical freak, but he was very smart, and a great tactician. (I think he even spoke like 5 languages. Like a boss.)

    All the plot holes listed above I mostly agree with. For the sake of keeping the film under 4 hours you can’t always explain how batman gets from one place to another… Not enough time in the film, you know? Just know that he’s frigging Batman and that should be an answer enough to explain his travel abilities lol.

    My big problem was this frigging atomic bomb. Not so much the bomb itself… But the explosive concrete all over Gotham? Anybody? Nolan is trying to tell me they’ve been using explosive concrete all over Gotham construction projects for years and nobody caught on? That football field shot was cool to see, but that was the end of it. Nobody is questioning this explosive concrete and it’s making me nuts.
    JGL I think did a nice job as John Blake, and I thought that character was necessary for this film (one of the highlights in fact.) Blake spurns Batman out of retirement, reminding him of all the reasons he took up the good fight in the first place. And i WAS perfectly okay with that. Until they tacked on the Robin thing at the end. What the hell was that all about? Way to take a decent character and make me instantly not like him. I honestly feel like they added that in at the end to say “i know we said this trilogy is done, but don’t rule out another sequel cuz that’d probably make a buttload of money too.” That and I’m a big fan of Dick Grayson. If the idea or remote possibility of another batman and robin film existed, and you were thinking about setting yourself up for it with this film, why wouldn’t you bring in Dick Grayson? I realize his story wouldn’t fit in well with this “plot” the way John Blake does, but my main point still stands…..

    John Blake is not Robin. For real.

    • There is more than one Robin in all the Comics. Dick Grayson just happens to be the first and then he decides to ditch the little boy scout act and become Nightwing. I think it’s great that they added John Blake as a Robin because that only heightens the idea that Batman can be anyone.

  10. A fusion bomb almost certainly wouldn’t explode from a physical hit, it would either do nothing or if in the right place it might stop the fusion reaction and solve the whole movie right there lol

  11. One of the funniest and most stupid part’s of the film has to be when the cops who were trapped underground for months surviving on rations and with no exposure to natural sunlight, came out running from the sewers with more energy than bane and batman put together when they were released from the rubble before the battle scene; surely they would be a least a little sluggish and show signs of weakness as a result of their ordeal. That was pretty comical.
    But by far the most comical was how the pretty much defenceless and unarmed army of cops, ran straight at banes thugs who were armed with smgs and assault rifles and only about 5 or them were shot! Come on, In real life that would have been a bloodbath!
    No one runs unarmed at an armed gunman, no matter how brave they are thats just stupid.
    Even funnier was that when the cops reached the banes thugs in the battle scene, the armed gunmen seemed to stop using their weapons and instead opted to fist fight the cops! It was like the battle was happening in some sort of parralel universe of something-how can the gunmen give up their advantage? Especially since they were escaped criminals as well.
    Dont get me wrong the film was still pretty good but it was stuff like that which stopped it from being epic- seemed like the ending scenes were a bit rushed.

    • The funny thing about the trapped cops was, they stated in the movie that they were being delivered supplies like food and water during the 5 months. There must have been a hole of some kind where these supplies were going through. If so, why couldn’t they have extracted the cops out of that same hole, one by one?

      Also, why no growth of facial hair on the sewer cops? They were sending razors down as well I guess?

  12. There is much bad science in that movie, one of the obvius is the “atom bomb”
    .The explosion in the end of the movie is the wrong type of explosion cause The “atom bomb” is actually a Neutron bomb wich upon “explosion” would release highly radioactive neutrino particles that kills organic matter leaving others intact ,there will be no fireball and no shock wave effect either just a bright light.

    The fusion reactor in the movie is too small tobe a nuclear fusion reactor that can power an entire city,you need a whole power plant size to achive complete fusion because of the complexity of the process ( heat /hotter than the surface of the sun ,stability issues and energy efficiency issues ).Thats why until today there is no working fusion reactor, just prototypes and theories.Unless it is a Cold fusion recator wich can achieve fusion in room temperature.But both type reactors cannot be turned into a bomb because to build a nuclear bomb you need diffrent type of enginering and physics ,especially a neutron bomb.
    And a leak in the reactor cannot detonate it, the reactor just melt and send off radioactive particles into the air.The explosion and fire burning that you all read in the news is are the explotion of the failed coolant system due to high pressure.And yes, Nuclear power plants are simply modified steam engine with uranium/plutonium rods being heated using nuclear fisson and cooled rapidly by water ,creating steam to rotate turbines creating electricity.

    So there it is ,less Bad Science and more Bat Science.

  13. This is what happened when the studio gives unlimited control of the movie to a director with limited “nerd factor”.You see the first two batman were still pretty close interpretation to the comics ( ra’s is batmans mentor and Joker has ties to the mob as a mob enforcer before became the Joker ).The trouble began when Nolan deciced to kill off Harvey Dent, I began to smell something is not right with Nolan’s version of Batman.I think he would do something drastic with the 3’rd movie.So drastic that fans would be devided between “Just Ok!” and “Meh!”.And I was right Nolan’s third installment is riddled with so many holes than a Windows PC that even the most hardcore Batman fan would go “Thats Not Right!!”.
    Even the Warner Bros think this is going the way Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3 has gone south that they already scheduled for a reboot.—>http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1877830/

    I hope Nolan would stop ruining his movies by inserting useless blantant political propaganda and/or critic (Dark Knight–>is about Bush Administration and Homeland Security)(Dark Knight Rises–>is about Communism and Social Revolution plus all those 99% vs 1% mumbo jumbo).I went to the theater to see Batman not these kind of S&%T.For that I have FoxNews and CNN.

  14. The Dark Knight Rises is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. So stupid.

  15. Joshua Henry says:

    Batman used his utility belt twice in the fight with Bane as previously pointed out. It’s a movie people. It’s supposed to be more exciting than real life. Who cares if the physics don’t add up? The only part of the film I didn’t like was that they had real Steelers players in the stadium scene. Took away from the fiction of Gotham city and made it seem like a movie, which it was. A little owed to Anton Chigurh for ya

  16. Some moments i have to point also.
    -The cliche dying melodrama of Miranda Tate.
    -Why did Bruce throw a rope down, i don’t think all of those prisoners are innocent people framed.
    -Allmost all the police department entering the sewers after Bane.
    -Police running to Machine gun wielding criminals with batons and a few handguns like Braveheart.

  17. I would just like to say that in regards to #5, I thought Christopher Nolan did a BRILLIANT job handling the Lazarus Pits (that’s what they’re called). In the comic books these are the sources Ra’s al Ghul’s immortality and are a pretty major part of the Batman canon (for example, that’s how Jason Todd is resurrected so he can become the Red Hood). You also had a problem with the prisoners going from cruel and aggressive to all helpful and nice, but you’re forgetting that the prisoners Bane was with are a different group than the prisoners Bruce Wayne was with. After Talia escapes and finds her father, they kill all the prisoners and rescue Bane. Bruce Wayne is with Bane’s enemies, so they probably would be decent people who opposed him or the League of Shadows.

  18. I think you’ll find with the point on all the inmates being friendly in the Pit that when Raas Al Ghul came back to “claim his vengeance” you can clearly see his mercenaries firing rounds inside th epit, this could be them killing the violent inmates. Check it out in the link at 2:34http://youtu.be/3uKzlM5JraQ

  19. sorry just realised that i just seconded what Liz said. SORRY! still check the link out though

  20. Jason Smulson says:

    You are watching a movie about BATMAN! It’s not real! You have to suspend disbelief in some ways and know that there will be a few details that won’t be touched on. Come on:)

  21. Just Watched It says:

    OK – I just read about how Nolan deleted the scenes that actually provide an explanation for Bane’s injuries. Bad move in my opinion, since Bane should have, and could have been much scarier.. perhaps starting out the movie with Bane being attacked in the prison pit, tortured, screaming, maybe the audience would have a better understanding of the pain and hatred Bane has for the world, and why, subsequently, he is so cruel.
    Instead, we have vague mention of him being injured by the other prisoners for helping this little girl. (AND ONLY AT THE VERY END) His face wrapped up – the only blood on the gauze looks like it is on the tip of his nose… so did they just cut off the tip of his nose or what? – and if they did, the tip of the nose isnt really that horrific, right? Skyfall had a better revelations..
    Lets face it, Raz Algul’s daughter (however you spell it), wasn’t scary, just annoying. I agree with whoever said “the fact that Bane was portrayed as a servant or employee of hers, or ‘lapdog’ was very disappointing”.. because it was.. Bane was supposed to be the main villain. DONT TRY TO REDEFINE THE CHARACTERS AT THE VERY END OF THE MOVIE. Jesus… you want to replace Tom Hardy’s Bane with that crazy lady from Inception? Why? are some people scared of good looking girls or something? stupid.
    *Also, I feel like Batman’s suit should have been able to deflect a pocket-knife sized blade being wielded by a 100lb woman… And yes, we understand that Batman is tough, we didnt need to see her twist the knife -then cut to Batman’s unchanging facial expression – then back to her twisting the knife again – and back. Would have actually liked to see him act a little more realistic with a knife sticking out of his liver.. and just one knife twist would have done the trick. I think I counted 3 knife twists in there.. good lord.
    AND.. also already mentioned.. How does this woman become a billionaire? ? …. ?
    What else? Its already been said, but you cant say it enough, unarmed Cops running (in single file, pretty much) towards a huge squad of assault-rifle-wielding henchmen, showing no signs of finesse, tactics, or self preservation. Oh, and there are like 3 or 4 tanks there too.. Would it have killed Nolan to have these cops meet for like 1 minute beforehand, and at least infer that there was some sort of strategic mission for assaulting Bane’s stronghold? I guess so.. a 30 second clip of like 3 police officers looking over blueprints could have gone a long way..
    Next.. Bane’s death.. clean, but disappointing. He gets blasted at point blank by Anne Hathaway with like a surface to air missile or something.. who happens to be an expert at operating Batmans motorcycle and all the weapons systems that come with it, albeit with no prior training/familiarity.. She reappears, after clearly stating that she wont be coming back (and we all knew she would) with like 3 minutes left to detonation. BUT, I did like her as Catwoman. srry Halle Berry.
    Batman and Catwoman’s priorities.. 1min 59 seconds to detonation.. they start making out.
    -The speed of “the bat” hover mobile thing… it traveled over 6 miles (like 10 judging from the blast scene) in under 1min 30? toting a nuclear bomb? no.. it didnt because that is impossible without a hyperdrive from Star Trek.
    The stock market…. SEC did indeed drop the ball on this one.. and considering that there were around 1,000 eye witnesses to verify that Bruce Wayne was indeed NOT the one trading his stock, and that the entire stock exchange was taken over by terrorists, I feel the government would probably reverse the trades immediately.. without too much fuss.
    Explosive concrete? All around the city? for years without notice? Why the football field? You only killed like 20 people by taking out the field idiot, why didnt you take out the stands instead? Or do you just hate the Pittsburg Steelers?
    John Blake.. rookie cop, promoted to detective by a morphined-up Commissioner Gordon, who can barely speak. Even before this, however, decides to show up at Wayne Mansion, black mail his way into the house, and then criticize the way Bruce Wayne runs his business, and bitches at him for discontinuing his hero-ship. Then.. Blake turns around, and starts bitching at commissioner Gordon for stuff that really isn’t that controversial… I think we all forgive Gordon.. just be quiet you bitter orphan you.
    Yea.. so Bane runs a prison where the prisoners have cells that are never locked.. doctors are heroin addicts specializing, of course, in chiropractice, apparently it is co-ed, you can either climb out via conveniently placed wall stones.. or (if you were smart) you could get someone to haul you at least half way up out of the hole – via safety rope – before starting to climb. AND, since apparently the prison has rope in abundance.. you could probably find a way to make a grappling hook, or ladder for that matter, instead of risking your life on a long jump.. with bats that live in the most exposed part of the hole, located directly at the opening.

    Finally we have some flaws in motive. Raz Algul’s daughter could never forgive him for leaving her to a life of imprisonment (and probably rape and other stuff), and the death or her mom (and other stuff). – That is.. until he died… waaah? Now she loves him bunches, and cant wait to avenge his death… .. . by blowing up Gotham…

    Raz Algul’s daughter, and her untold billions?, also had the keys to the Fusion reactor handed over to her.. so why bother with taking over the city and letting everyone know your intentions? might it not be easier to just take it, and blow it up.. did all the unrealistic crap that happened HAVE to be concentrated in the last hour of the movie .. the most important part? Nolan, baby, you gotta keep it fresh, stop slippin. What was that?

    PS.. So if the bomb was a neutron bomb and not a warhead, why did the explosion show the mushroom cloud? – its ok, i dont really care.. but if you are going to go with nuclear warhead..then stick with it. What i mean by this is; How was Mr Fox able to recover intricate electronically stored data (the autopilot patch for the bat-ship), which was housed in the plane that was not more than 100 feet away from a friggin nuclear bomb, when it went off? if it wasnt vaporized.. then surely the EMP would have erased it.