Analyst Rips Windows 8 in New Review

It won’t even ship for another three months but already Windows 8 has received its first scathing review. A Gartner research analyst has indicated that unless you’re planning to use the upcoming operating system on a touchscreen device, you might as well forget about it.

Gartner is a major research firm that studies products and trends in the consumer technology market. Recently, its Research Director, Gunnar Berger, composed a five-part review of Microsoft’s Windows 8, set for release October 26, 2012.

His finding: that Windows 8 is easy to use and remarkably fast, but tough to navigate on anything other than a touchscreen-enabled tech device.

When we talk of touchscreen devices, we’re referring to smartphones (like the iPhone or Galaxy), tablet computers (like the iPad or PlayBook), or all-in-one PCs, which are like regular desktop computers but feature a large touchscreen monitor.

When using these devices, Berger found navigating Windows 8 just great. The new “Metro” interface, which features tiles that can be quickly accessed with one’s fingertips, is extremely handy in this scenario.

Berger was also excited to see that Windows 8 was substantially faster to boot up than its predecessor, Windows 7, whether one was using a touchscreen tablet or desktop PC.

But the advantages of using Windows 8 on a laptop or desktop ended there. After asking the question, “What is the experience like on Windows 8 when the end point isn’t touch enabled?” Berger replied: “In a word: Bad.”

The problem: Microsoft, it would appear, has spent too much time optimizing Windows 8 for touchscreen devices and has forgotten the old mouse and keyboard. Berger found that the same menu screens that were easy to navigate with a touchscreen were a nightmare to figure out when using a mouse.

Overall, it appears this prominent analyst won’t be recommending a Windows 8 upgrade download to desktop or laptop users any day soon.

“Unfortunately, my area of expertise is enterprise desktops, and those desktops have a keyboard and a mouse; and as much as this doesn’t make any sense, it seems to me that Microsoft forgot about this when they designed Windows 8,” Berger said.

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6 Responses to Analyst Rips Windows 8 in New Review

  1. I wonder if the reviewer has actually used Win8? I’ve been using it primarily on my desktop for 2+ months now and quite frankly, navigation is no different. Once a few primary apps are pinned, and you get used to hitting the Windows key, all is good.

    • I totally agree with you shawnc. I’ve been using Windows 8 since the Release Preview first arrived. I absolutely love it. In fact, the only time I even switch over to the desktop anymore is when I’m using Office tools or playing a full-spread game. Not to mention, I’m sending a lot of feedback to Microsoft, and I hope all the naysayers who use it are doing the same. Heck, I haven’t seen Apple release anything in beta to anyone without a developer subscription, so I think Microsoft made a really good call giving all users an opportunity.

      Besides, if people don’t want Windows 8, they’ve got Windows 7. It’s just too bad some critics don’t see the big picture and just get upset because they miss their old Windows Start list.

      • Ya right, i have installed the release preview on all my system from the hour they were released. Microsoft is starting to take shape and will beat the shit out of “aapol” like the 90’s

  2. I am so SICK OF GARTNER – are they a public relations firm for Apple? Th gist of the complaint is with the Metro start menu (which is actually quite a good launcher) – so JUST PIN YOUR APPS TO THE TASKBAR AND STAY IN THE DESKTOP. How difficult is that? Obviously too hard for someone with this analysts low IQ. Even easier – hit the windows key, start typing the name of the application you want to run, and “magically” is opens. Gee, I guess that’s just not as cutesy as bouncing app icons on a MacBook…

  3. Lol – Win7 user here, but what is with all the bitterness here, come down people, it’s just an OS, or haven’t you got anything better to do than hate all over the internet…