Second Person Of Interest Emerges In Colorado Shootings? Did James Holmes Have Help?

According to recent rumors, police in Colorado may be currently seeking a second “person of interest” in connection to the movie theater shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado last week. They reportedly interviewed “an associate of [suspected shooter James Holmes]” on Saturday and it is unclear if the recent rumors are connected.

Holmes is currently in custody. He made an appearance in court today, causing a mild uproar among media members who wished to debate whether his sullenness and refusal to cooperate with authorities is part of an act or is genuine mental illness.

At this time, it is unclear what kind of involvement a second person would have in this case. Police have completed their sweep of Holmes’ apartment and defused all the traps he set. Some of his homemade explosives were said to be quite sophisticated, so it’s possible he had assistance in producing them. It’s also possible he had help in purchasing the four guns and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition authorities say he acquired in the past few months.

It is rumored that the additional person of interest may be a fellow student of Holmes’. The former medical student is said to have been somewhat withdrawn, but he had connections at the school where he studied.

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5 Responses to Second Person Of Interest Emerges In Colorado Shootings? Did James Holmes Have Help?

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    From everything I’ve read, it also seems that he may have been able to score an advanced screening of TDKR as well. Considering the timing of his attack, etc. There was absolutely nothing random about the timing of the events.

  2. I’ll admit I haven’t read every news story on the incident, but I though he came in through an exit door in the theater itself, as opposed to the lobby. Doesn’t that mean someone had to let him in? Or perhaps he had previously rigged the door to not close all the way? In the theaters I’ve been to, those exit doors do not have any way to open them from the outside to prevent sneaking into the movies…

    • Charlotte Hannah
      Charlotte Hannah says:

      Dan, from what I’ve read, it’s possible that he entered the theater with a ticket, snuck out through the exit while leaving it slightly propped open (which wouldn’t have been immediately obvious during a midnight screening), and then returned through the emergency exit with his arsenal.

  3. I have read all the articles and scoured the Net. YouTube Cnn whatever seen it all.

    Questions all over the place unanswered

    2 witness accounts say a man got a phone call and instead of going to lobby to take call this man went to exit door and was on cellphone and witness say it seems he was jesturing someone to the exit door. (search 2nd shooter Colorado theater YouTube)
    So obviously a suspect was seen and very obvious.

    So my question

    Why haven’t these Witnes been interviewed more?

    Why has Chief Oates just yesterday said on ABC News there only one lone shooter? And no other suspect? How did these witness statements change?

    Why did shooter not attack Police? Why did shooter tell police his place is booby trap with explosives? Why even rigg go through the work of setting the place up to explode then not going through with plan? Change of heart after killing 12 and injuring 50? I don’t buy that!

    Next where the CCTV video from outside the theater and inside? Surrounding Business videos? If no cars were moved why James Holmes car the only car beside building near Exit door??

    Why was there trails of blood going towards the door? Blood splats forward. Obviously of you see the trail going towards Exit door you notice it!

    There NOWAY this is a open and shut case!!

    To many questions…,

    Notice how after everyone was removed and it became a crime scene all the park lot lamp lights were off.. You will notice by local tv aerial view of shooting that the place is dark and cops are walking around with flash lights

    To many Question folks

    It’s very sad of what happen but I’m confused of how the Media and Local police are side stepping a lot of unanswered questions

    Do your research

  4. Oddly enough says:

    Because Dfed, everyone is asking the same questions and for some reason it will never be found out. Then in a surprising move, no cameras are suddenly allowed in the courtroom, this after people noticed specific things and it came up on the internet. Just like the myriad of cameras on gas stations and stores outside of the pentagon were taken and kept out of the public view after 911, we will never see the footage from the ones at the theater.